Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Adventure Journals!

I purchase kits to teach coptic stitch binding from a wonderful etsy seller. Her name is Jean and she rocks my socks off, making fantastic custom kits for me. You can check out her stellar shop too.

Yesterday I completed teaching a two day class at my local art center. I taught the kids how to make a coptic stitch journal and then let them decorate any way they wanted. I encouraged them to use it to keep track of their summer time fun, such as vacations, camps, ect. They all had a blast and caught on amazingly fast. I taught grades 4-6. I've done it in the past with high school students as well, but their interest level was lower and they gave up after a few stitches. The younger kids took to it fast and had a blast.
Summer Adventure Journals
After they finished the decorating we went out on to the art center lawn where they sat and wrote in their journals and ran around playing tag. It was a great class!

I also have to share a shot of the front of the art center. My Mom planted the planters at our greenhouse and we donate them to the art center each year to dress up the front. They are so pretty! I take care of them since I'm only a couple blocks from the center. The art center is celebrating 100 years of the gorgeous building. It was our towns library until the late 80's. The city was going to tear down the building when a wonderful group of citizens stepped forward and asked if they could become custodians of the building. It was turned into the James Memorial Art Center in the early 90's. (It was the James Memorial Library) I'm on the board of directors now and help keep the building running as an art gallery and art center for local art classes for children, performances, and artist receptions. I'm very proud to be a member of the board and not only get to bring art to our community, but to help preserve this gorgeous building!
JMAC Art Center Entrance
Off to the art center to teach another days class!

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Paula Jo @ Home Decor Accents said...

This is wonderful what you do. I'm sure the kids enjoyed it. You are so lucky to live close by the Art Center which makes it easier on you. The Art Center is a beautiful place, and I'm glad the it wasn't torn down. That would have been a shame.