Friday, June 24, 2011


One of my favorite things about my yard are my planters. Since I work in the green house I get to plant them up early and enjoy them late into the season. The Hubby also loves planting our planters up, which is nice because I don't always have the time! He has become a great designer and even sold some that he has planted. I thought I'd share some of my fave planters today. I have a LOT of them in my yard so I just picked out a few to share.
What A View
When looking out my window above my sink in the kitchen I end up staring right into our large fence. It is better than looking at what is next door, but I thought it was pretty boring still. I designed this planter combo to pretty up the fence. Not only is this one of my fave combos, but I love the planter that it is in.
Walk On Up
My Hubby adores coleus. They are such a fun and interesting plant. Each year he plants up these four pots to line the walk up to our back door. He uses a few other fillers to trail and twenty different kinds of coleus! They are gorgeous and so welcoming.
Very True Indeed
I have an old potting bench (long story of its origin lol) that I love to pieces. I keep my collection of agave and cactus here all summer before bringing them in for the winter. I also think it fits in perfectly with the statement on the plaque. ;)
This is also another of my fave places in the yard. It is on the inside of the back yard. Our little Asian inspired area. LOL My yard is as eclectic as I am! Our beautiful hops vine (yes the stuff in beer) and our Asian themed planters, Buddhas and pagodas.

Planters really do make the yard. I'm not just saying that because it is my job to design and sell them. ;) In our climate it is a great way to get instant beauty that can be enjoyed all summer long. It is also my way to stay a little artistic during our busy season when I just don't have time at home to be all that creative.


Meredith said...

very inspiring! The hanging pot is beautiful! sooo are the pots on the concrete..just gorgeous. I love the moon garden you planted as well.

Knickertwist said...

Gorgeous planters! I think the first is my fave ... I'm on a bit of a drippy pink kick :) I also love your sign "Don't piss off the faeries" I have one that says exactly the same thing by my front door!