Sunday, June 26, 2011

Leopold The Lion Tamer

We interrupt this regularly schedules WIP Sunday to post a FINISHED project!

A certain super snazzy lady mentioned the other day that she was about to run away and join the circus. I couldn't resist helping her dreams come true!
Meet Leopold the lion tamer. A mustachioed cousin for Jacques the French sailor. I think he makes a very dandy ring master to lead the circus!
Leopold The Lion Tamer

I just hope OMP doesn't get too jealous when this dashing man arrives on Pam's doorstep!
Leopold The Lion Tamer
He'll be hoping on the circus train tomorrow and heading for Kitty Kill's neck of the woods! Here's to dreaming big and joining the circus! ;)


Digital Misfit said...

Jacques and I are thrilled to meet cousin Leopold! I am sure he will be a dashing and adored new member of the KittyKill household.

kittykill said...

EEEPPPPPP! I'm doing the happy pee pee dance over here! THANK YOU! You are just too much for words!