Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Still no new crafts!

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I still can't show any of my new crafts so I thought I'd share this picture! I'm so excited as these crocus bulbs were planted 2 years ago and just bloomed this year! I planted a huge amount of them and only have these and 3 others blooming! I love the color though. They are so pretty! Nice to see something bright after such a long winter. We did manage to get the front gardens cleaned out and the grass raked.
On the crafting front I haven't work much lately on anything! I'm stitching away at the pillowcases for that swap. I'll work on them again tonight during UFC. I should be able to finish the first one soon. I better! I have to send them out May 6th! Yikes! I took a break on my other swap stuff since the sendouts aren't until June 1st. I wanted to send super early, but I have to get the pillowcases done first!
Anyway, enjoy a bright and cheerful day!

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