Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes, it is spring!

Yes, it is spring!
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Today was a beautiful day! In the 60's! After such a long winter it is nice to start seeing the yard, even though the yard looks terrible! All the dead junk laying in the beds awaiting my hands and pruners. I went for a little exploritory walk around the yard to see what is greening up, poking through and on it's way. I found this little viola, vibrant and trying with all it's might to come through the deadness of winter! So heroic! Next week on my day off I'll be cleaning the beds. Yes, it takes a full day to clean all of my flower beds! The hubby will help by picking up my piles and bagging them for the trash. He doesn't trim or pull, as we've had some unfortunate accidents because of his lack of gardening knowledge! I'm filled with excitment and wonder and can't wait to see the blooms coming soon!
I have a ton of tulips poking through and wonders of wonders, my Hops vines are coming! I planted them last year and worried all winter that they wouldn't make it! They are poking through and very promising! Enough about the joys of spring! I'll post pictures of the yard as I go!

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