Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wonderful Score!

Hat and Box
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Yesterday was the first day of the yard sale season. It always kicks off with our giant community sale, which is mostly just junk and clothes. The other sales that were going on in town, was where I scored! There were only 5, but we hit them all and I was more than happy when I bought this hat and box for only $5! The hat box is from a store here in town that has been open FOREVER! Something like at least 80 years. It is fun to have a piece of local history. The hat is great too. It has the original hat pin in the back and a lovely label inside, which I forgot to take a pic of. The label says a store name and 5th Ave. New York. I'll do a bit of research on it later to see what I can find. There is another pic of just the hat on my flickr account as well. I also scored a sweet tiny Asian lantern, the pic is on flickr.
To make the day even better I woke up to find out that my Kama Sutra embroidery was featured on Mr.XStitch's blog for NSFW Saturday! You can find his blog link in my blog faves to the side. Check it out!

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