Wednesday, June 2, 2010


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I'm drowning. Work has gotten to me. All these hours stifle my creativity. I didn't realize just how dependant on my free time I am. I need to have moments to express myself. Time to create. I just feel stuffy and out of my element. Tonight I decided I needed to create a little reminder to myself. Breathe! Let things go. Remember who you are even during the times you can't seem to recall what your passions are. Let yourself loose. Yes, I'm tired beyond belief, sore as hell and cranky, but I created something. That makes all the difference to me. It doesn't make my aching muscles relax, but it sets my mind at ease. I'm going to take this little treasure and put it on my bed side table for those mornings when I'm holding my breath.

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TheBlakkDuchess said...

Trying to balance work & personal time can be so hard. Way to go for making time for yourself! Keep this treasure where you'll see her message. Memorize it so you can see her even while at work. You will find the balance, so don't give up looking! ^-^