Monday, June 28, 2010


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Since I can't post anything I'm working on in the crafty department right now, I thought everyone should see the smiling face of my handsome furry man! The weather is HOT so I'm staying cool in the crafty studio working away on some projects for those personal swaps. I had a dream last night about something for a certain someone ( ;)Angelica) that had to be brought to life. It is turning out just like in my dream! Damn, I love it when I dream of crafty awesomeness!
I'm also working away at Alexz's newest little friend! I was a bit intimidated when she asked me to make her Walt Disney in poppet form, but he is turning out wonderful.
Back to the lab to work on more secret ideas! If you hear someone exclaiming "It's alive!" don't be alarmed.

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