Saturday, June 26, 2010


The last few days have been amazingly busy! We tore out our kitchen and dining room flooring to prepare for the new floor! I'm over the moon excited because it is something I've wanted to do since we bought the house almost 5 years ago. It also involves big messes, misplaced furniture, and an unhappy pooch. Merlin doesn't like the changes so he is a bit pouty, but I figure he'll get over it once we don't have to vacuum so much since he HATES the vacuum cleaner!

On the crafty front I'm working away for some personal swaps. I just wanted to share a tiny little teaser for Spooky Pooky! I can't wait to send this off!

Can't send it off until the other item is finished, but I just had to post a little pic because this is one of my fave things I've made in a long time. Hope it makes you curious Alexz!


Digital Misfit said...

Alexz is gonna LOVE this (I want it!)

Alexz said...

This is just mean!;) lol...actually this is wonderful and I am just dying to know what it is! Seriously! I am soooooooo excited! What is it, what is it, what is it?!?!?! lol

Alexz said...

Digital Misfit, I will give you a dollar to tell me what it is. ;)

Digital Misfit said...

LOL Alexz! The dollar offer IS tempting (money is tight), but I cannot spoil the fabulous surprise.