Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Altered Board Book Spread

Week 3's assignments for the Art, Heart, and Healing class are so fun! I just finished another spread in my altered board book. This spread is all about celebration.
I celebrate: family, my soul mate, creating art, learning new things, quiet me time, amazing supportive friends, furry monster, making a difference, my inner ninja pirate.
Some silly and some very important things.
Celebration Altered Board Book Spread
A close up of the left side of the page where I'm celebrating my soul mate.
Celebrating My Soul Mate
Here is a close up of the right side where I'm celebrating my furry monster.

Celebrating My Furry Monster
I loved doing this spread the most I think. Letting the good things come out really feels nice. Next up I get to make an empathy monster! Sewing! My favorite!


Sherry said...

Again lovely pages - great photos! I finished my empathy monster today and enjoyed that more than any of the other stuff so far. Look forward to seeing your one.

Kristin said...

Beautiful!!! I did not do this part yet (went straight to the monster) - this is a beautiful inspiration, xo