Sunday, November 28, 2010

WIP Sunday: A Very Productive Day Indeed!

Happy Sunday to you all. The holiday is coming to an end and the left overs are almost gone. Time to get back into the work week too. (boooooo)
I had a very productive day today! I woke up early and was in a creative type of mood. I worked on a fairy painting I plan to give as a gift. Here is a little sneak peek. She's far from finished.
WIP Fairy
I'm hoping to take the new e course Tam is offering over on her ning site. It is magical, mythical, makings! Fairies, unicorns, and goddesses, oh my! This fairy is a little experiment to keep me warmed up for the class.

I also managed to cut and sew blocks for those gifts for my friends! I may be spoiling the gifts as I think at least one of them read the blog, but they better just forget what they see if they know what's good for them! I'm making five. I managed to get everything cut for all of them and one sewn together. It isn't finished yet as it needs some embellishing.
WIP Notebook Holders
I also finished reading a book today!
Whew! I'm beat! Off to think of cooking super.

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