Sunday, November 7, 2010

WIP Sunday: Peacock Quilt

Remember those strips of fabric I showed a while back on a WIP Sunday? Well they are starting to take form as a quilt! I sewed strip sets together and sub cut them down. It is a Chinese coin quilt loosely based on a very vague pattern I found online. In between each of these rows of "coins" will be a 2 inch sashing. the entire quilt will then have a 4 inch boarder around the whole thing. I'm loving how the blues and green are coming together. The back of the quilt will be some fabulous peacock fabric. I'm going to have it professionally quilted. I hope she can do some feather type quilting to it in some variegated thread!
I also got to take the two hour trip to the craft store yesterday and I got the interfacing I need to finish up the polka dot and stripe place mats!


Avery said...

Those colours looks really gorgeous together!
I can wait to see it finished!

Kira said...

This quilt is going to kick some serious A! :)