Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 2's Assignment

I have to share the second part of week two's assignment for the class I'm taking over on ning. I shared the first spread in my altered board book about me and this is my second spread in that book. We were supposed to choose a childhood trauma. I was bullied in school much like many other children. Something that stands out to me is when I wasn't allowed to jump rope with the other girls. I was a tomboy so playing with the boys didn't bother me, but sometimes because of it the girls wouldn't let me play. Don't get me wrong I did get to jump rope at times, but I was always disappointed when I wasn't allowed to join in. Just seemed like something I could put on to the page. If you'd like to see it larger you can visit my flickr page.

Altered Board Book Spread 2

A close up of the the rope turner and me jumping. I used book pages in the background and my new water soluble crayons.

Whimsy Girls Close Up
Here is a close up of the other rope turner.
Whimsy Girl Close Up
It was a fun spread to do and I'm feeling much better about my people drawing abilities. The whimsy style is so fun to play with.


Sherry said...

It's great that Tam's course allows us to work through past traumas as you have done here. Your pages are absolutely fantastic! I love your whimsy characters and the background too.

Digital Misfit said...

I love this layout. As you know, I am doing the same theme, and I hope mine turns out half as beautifully as yours.

Kira said...

Wonderful spread! The drawings are so good, and the water crayons look totally fun.