Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Art Doll; a Tribute

So a friend suggested I make a Frida Kahlo doll for my soon to open Etsy shop. I took her idea and ran! Techniqually she is still a prim doll, but I chose not to grubby her. So I guess she is more of an art doll. I used many of Frida's self portraits as inspiration. I'm very happy with how she turned out. As always more shots on my flickr. She was such fun to make, I may make others using different self portraits of her as inspiration. I'd love to make one of her dressed as a man. Off to prim #4! If anyone has any other suggestions for prims they'd like to see please comment.

1 comment:

Digital Misfit said...

You know I love that Frida doll - she is just gorgeous!

hmmm...some prim ideas...
a prim robot - irony is beautiful!
I would love to see a prim audrey hepburn and bettie page, and OBAMA!