Friday, November 21, 2008

Just some progress

As you can see I've changed the look of my blog page. It may just be temporary for the holidays.
I finally was able to finish 2 more gifts in the last 2 days and I'm making progress on others. Handmade holidays are not easy! I would post pics of the 2 items I've finished, but the people that will be receiving them may just happen to read this! I don't want to ruin surprises. I will however be posting the first of the family tree quilts that I'm making for the Hubby's grandparents this year very soon.
I so feel like just crafting for the sake of crafting, but when gifts are needed I become a crafty machine with no time to really craft things just for the heck of it. I can't wait until the holidays are done and I can swap a few more times. Back to the craft dungeon and another gift!

1 comment:

Nyblaque said...

Your blog is beutiful..i like your new look

I have a great surprise from me to you just for participating in my blog giveaway. i haven't forgotten you:)

November 23, 2008 11:12 AM