Monday, November 3, 2008

The great kilt caper!

Man in a kilt pose 2
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I finally got the kilt finished and given to the Hubby! Last night at his Birthday party, never mind that his Birthday was last Thursday. Hahaha. It doesn't have the belt loops or cargo pockets on it yet, because we wanted his input on the placement and amount. He was really happy. He can't wait to wear it out, but he isn't sure when or were to wear it. Trust me our town isn't very open when it comes to things like that and I really don't want a fight on my hands. Anyway, me and my sewing sidekick worked extra hard on it and are very pleased with the outcome. I don't see us making another any time soon though! I'll post more pics when the belt loops and pockets are done and I can get some better action shots.
One happy man in a kilt!

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