Friday, November 28, 2008

Santa is coming to town

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Tonight was our local parade of lights. As we do every year we bustled down to the tv station parking lot and parked our car and jumped out to watch. It is a very short parade consisting of some lighted floats sponsored by local businesses. At the end of the parade comes Santa a top the big fire truck, waving and sounding merry. I happen to know Santa personally. I've been telling my sister that I know Santa and she never believes me. This year she believes. When I saw Santa approaching I stepped to the curb and waved. He looked right down at me and waved just to me and let out a great big "Ho ho ho" and a little point of the finger. I swear my sister's eyes almost popped out. It is so fun to see that sincere look in a child's face. What a wonderful time to be a kid.

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Digital Misfit said...

was he greeting you, or calling you out as a ho in front of the whole town? :P