Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm Still Here!

The remodel has been sucking away any fun time for blogging or just being on the computer, but good news! We are almost done! After starting this project in September I'm so happy to be seeing the end. We had so many hiccups along the way! I have a bit of painting to finish up and the drawer handles and door knobs will be installed hopefully tomorrow.
I just thought I should share a photo of the weather I'm living in right now! I snapped this pic like 5 minutes ago up my street. Just another winter day!

I did manage to finish up my Grandma's Christmas gifts! The Elvis china hutch runner and double ended pot holder. Not a great pic as with weather above the lighting is terrible.
Elvis Pot Holder and Runner
Hopefully I'll have some finished pics of the kitchen tomorrow!


Mystica said...

It is an achievement!

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you can get something really nice for the kitchen!

Knickertwist said...

Love the Elvis stuff! I hope that the remodel is done quick as can be and you can enjoy the new kitchen :)

George said...

My street became a winter wonderland this weekend as well. I'm diggin' the blog, yo! nice to meet you.

Raised By Wolves

affectioknit said...

Best wishes with your remodel! I love the Elvis goodies for your Grandma! Happy Advent!