Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WIP Sunday: Erm... Wednesday Edition

Oops! The weekend flew by as I was frantically working to get things done! The best thing of the whole weekend is that I have my house back! After a struggling 4 months of remodeling we can breathe! I'm so happy. The kitchen needs about 2 tiny finishing touches and the dining room needs 1. The laundry room has been put off until after the new year, but won't take much to finish up.
I am pretty much done making gifts and even though I didn't get to make as many as I wanted I'm happy with my progress. So on to some pictures of my finished kitchen and dining room!
Here is the dining room! The only thing that needs to be finished is trimming out the coat closet. We will eventually be purchasing a new light fixture as well. The only thing we really changed in here was the floor.
Newly Remodeled Dining Room
Here is the view you see when entering the kitchen. There is a small piece of trim by the stove that needs put up, but you can't hardly tell. We will also eventually be purchasing a new light fixture for over the sink.
Kitchen Remodel 2
Here is the view of the stove. That cupboard above the microwave is the only real unfinished thing. It will have glass front for displaying my tea sets!
Kitchen Remodel 1
I'm so proud considering we did all of the work ourselves with a bit of help from a friend and my Aunt and Uncle. It turned out so well and didn't cost us millions. I'm slowly adjusting to the new configuration and keep opening the wrong drawer for silverware, but I'll get the hang of it!

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LC said...

The yellow color of your walls is amazing, I really like it!