Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Rainbow Fairy

I signed up for another class over at Willowing.ning. After doing the free class, Art, Heart, and Healing, that Tam offered I was so excited to work more on my skills at mixed media. The Hubby paid for me to sign up for the Magical, Mythical, Makings class that starts in January. To gear up for the class I started doodling a fairy. She went through many layers and changes until I found something I was happy with. I don't normally work in this palette of colors so I was so excited when she turned out!
Rainbow Fairy
I think I'm going to give her as a gift. I tried to find a frame for her, but the dang water color paper I used is an odd size. I'll maybe work out something before Christmas, otherwise they get her unframed.
Rainbow Fairy Close Up
I used my water soluable crayons, acrylic paints, graphite pencil, tissue paper, gel medium, gel pen, stamps, shimmer stick, and glitter. It was fun layering and layering. She looks even more glowy in real life. Hmmmm..... Glowy, what a great word!