Sunday, December 19, 2010

WIP Sunday: I'm Not Working On Anything!

This Sunday is going to be a leisurely one. I'm going to go enjoy a Christmas music performance at the art center later and I may do a bit of laundry, but other than that it is my day to just be. Knowing me I'll sit down at the sewing machine and do something, but it won't be anything that needs to be rushed.
I thought I would share a photo of our Christmas tree. We ended up getting a slightly crooked one as we were so late getting the remodeling wrapped up. It is a funny little tree and loosing a lot of needles, but it is our tree in the end.
2010 Christmas tree
You can see lots of handmade ornaments on it. I took it before I got the lovely package of handmade ornaments from Heidi (Digital Misfit) though! I'll have to share them at another time.
I also made a Christmas card yesterday! We were going to have dinner and a party with an Aunt and Uncle of mine and the gift I ordered them did not arrive on time. So I made them a card and put a printed out picture of the gift inside. I think I just wanted an excuse to make a card!
Merry Christmas!
A little Christmas Elf! I started out thinking of drawing a whimsy angel and she ended up being an elf. Oh well, she turned out cute!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!


Caroline said...

Your tree is beautiful and the elf is very cute!

AlphaBetsy said...

I think your tree is gorgeous. I love all the handmade ornaments. :)