Sunday, December 5, 2010

WIP Sunday: I Promise I Won't Panic!

Oh wow! Things are moving so fast! I'm trying my best to keep up with it all. I won't be making as many gifts as I had hoped this year because of the remodeling, but the ones I do get made are certainly good gifts!
I spent all morning grouting the dining room floor! My hands and wrists are killing me from all the squeezing and scrubbing, but it is totally worth it.
My Dining Room Floor WIP
We did the staggered brick pattern and I love how it is looking! You can see up in the top of the pic where the hallway and kitchen are yet to be finished. The hallway should be done tomorrow evening and the kitchen should be done by Friday! Whew! Then I can paint, and put the furniture back and have my house! Huzzah! Then comes the decorating! I can't wait! Usually we have our tree up by this time!
The next project up is my gifts for Grandma. I plan on making her two wonderful things from this pile of fabric and trim. A runner for the china hutch and a double ended oven mitt thing to match. She loves everything Elvis and she loves changing up the china hutch decor so I thought it would be a fun gift. Maybe she can put it out when we celebrate his Birthday!
Elvis WIP
Three down, two to go of these notebook holders! I have to run to the store for more notebooks to fill them, and some pens to customize with fabric to put inside. I hope my friends love them!
WIP Notebook Holders
I'm also madly sewing on binding to the peacock quilt! The thing is huge and I hate binding! After approximately 3 hours of hand sewing I have a little over 3 feet done! Uhg!
I just keep telling myself not to panic, I'll get everything done! Gifts, decorating, menu planning, everything!

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Knickertwist said...

Two years ago we redid our kitchen right before Christmas, I totally empathize with your panic. Everything was done on time and we had a pretty place for the holidays... same will go for you! Floor looks fab, so do your gifts. I love that your grannie loves Elvis :)