Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Sister's Stained Glass!

I thought I'd share my little sister's finished stained glass piece from our class we took together. She did a great job and for 10 years old she tried each step before she asked for help! She cut some of the larger pieces, did all of the grinding herself, and tried her had at soldering. I custom drew the pattern for her to her specifics. Notice she wanted a skull, must run in the family. ;)

Here is Justice with her completed piece!
Justice's Stained Glass

A close up shot to show it off a bit more. She picked all the colors as well. I think it looks a bit Day of the Dead! The eyes, brow bones, and sides of the face are all different colors. Dark greens and blues that aren't showing well without light streaming through.
Justice's Stained Glass Close Up

What a great time nurturing the love for art with my sister. I'll be sharing my finished piece on Thursday.


kittykill said...

That is so great! It totally rocks.

Digital Misfit said...

Sis rocks just like big sis! Great work. I am thrilled to get to see her actually SMILE in a photo!

Wulf said...

What a great design, and her choice of colors absolutely made it. It obviously does run in the family!

Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Accents said...

What great work, and I love the colors together. Job well done!!