Sunday, July 3, 2011

WIP Sunday: Not So Work In Progress

Today has been a busy day! Not much on the crafty front though. House work! You may not be aware, but I actually like housework. Gasp! I'm not kidding. I know most people dread cleaning, but enjoy it. I think it has to do with the fulfilling end result. That is probably why I like crafting so much too. Hard work pays off in a finished product. I'm taking a break from my chores to do a little blog post. I don't really have any WIP pics although I have plenty of things in the works. I did finish a little something yesterday I thought I'd share though.

I have another confession (so much insight from me today!). I have more bras than one set of boobies could wear in a lifetime! LOL I needed a better way to store those bras and what better way than crafting a solution! I had thought of this awhile back and used some fun fabrics to whip one up for myself. The bra situation was getting out of hand!
Bra Organizer
Maybe that was to much info for you! How about some sweet vintage fabric scores. My great aunt is downsizing and gave me a couple small boxes of fabric. I found some real gems.
Vintage Children's Fabric
Two fun children's pieces! I can never resist bright happy vintage kids stuff.
Vintage Beer Fabric
On the other end of the spectrum, BEER! I've seen the Budweiser stuff before as I think my Grandma had some at some point, but the Schlitz stuff is new to me! Who'd of thought they made Schlitz fabric! I'll be hoarding that piece for sure!

Happy Sunday everyone, back to the housework!


Pretty Things said...

The bra station is cute!

Digital Misfit said...

Love your bra holder!
Also coveting that Raggedy Ann fabric!