Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Provocative Lady!

I'm working on a mixed media piece for a silent auction at our art center. A woman by the name of Elaine Keller Qually passed away a while back and her husband kindly donated her unfinished works to the art center hoping we could do something to benefit the center with them. Another board member and I organized a showing of the unfinished pieces and asked local artists and friends of Elaine's to come and select an unfinished piece to complete. All finished pieces will be put in a silent auction to raise money to do some restorations of the building.
I picked a cute sketch and set to work. I've titled it "Vixens Never Retire". (Thanks for the suggestion Heidi!)
Vixens Never Retire WIP
I'm super happy with the skin shading on the lady. I worked at it for ages even if it doesn't really show in this photo. In real life it stands out just like I hoped. I'm just not sure the background is "finished". As this isn't something I created I struggled a bit with a background style. It is water color crayon, acrylics, and graphite. Does it need a little something else, and if so what?
Vixens Never Retire WIP Close Up
A close up for you to gander at too! I just thought this was such a whimsical and fun sketch I couldn't resist! Any feedback would be appreciated, but please be kind. I'm a bit out of my element here.


Digital Misfit said...

I think you did a great job with this fine dame. Her skin shading is gorgeous. I honestly think that the background looks good as it is. It is minimal, and makes the sexy septuagenarian the focus of the piece.

April said...

I think you did awesome with this little vixen! I love the idea of the piece, and I think that you did a perfect job on the background. It gives it some color, and offsets the gal, making her be the eye catching center of the piece! Good luck with the auction :)

Jaclyn T said...

I really like this. I think the background is good as is.

Mandel said...

I like this piece a lot. It is amazing how you got that air of elegance around her although she is naked.
And the colors of the background are really well-chosen! :)