Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gnome Poop

Gnome Poop
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Life dumps on us all at once and gnomes poop glitter.
I took this photo a while back and just now got around to playing with it in photoscape. I wanted to make it look stark and sort of vintage at the same time. Right now I feel like life has taken a big glitter dump on me. Things aren't bad persay, but I am getting bogged down in the everyday. Spreading myself a bit to thin and trying to snap back when needed. I need a break before I break. I want to create! I want to sleep better because I've let out my creativeness. I don't want to be pulled in a 100 directions. I want people to forget about me for just a little while so I can remember myself. Sunday, that is the day I will hide in my little crafty cave and not come out until I'm satisfied.

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Mila said...

Hi there!
I wish you a very great anniversary-day & may your marriage be blessed with love & harmony :)!
Mila :)