Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Feathers, Little Sioux Indian Girl

She's finished! I'm so proud! I thought this doll was going to be the end of me! Okay, correction, I thought the outfit for this doll was going to be the end of me. The doll itself is very simplistic. Almost too simple for my tastes, but after working on the costume for so long I understand why the doll is so easy. I'm not a beader. I've never done large scale beading like this before. Let me tell you I don't think I will be doing it again. She's a OOAK!
The Hubby assisted in making the great doll stand. He cut a slice from a log and drilled a hole in. I bent a wire clothes hanger into the doll stand form and it fits inside her dress so she looks like she is just standing on a piece of log. I love the effect and hope we can make more doll stands like this.
Here are her wee moccasins. I hand beaded them and had to hand stitch them together as well. They turned out so cute! You can also see some of the jingle cones I made from tin sheet and attached to her leather leggings. They really do jingle.
A close up of her bird beaded dress top and her two feathers. One feather is from a blue jay the other from a black bird.
I'm so happy with her and can't wait for the auction on the 18th of September. I'll update after she is sold to let everyone know what she goes for. I hope she goes for a ton, because the money benefits the art center!


Barbara/myth maker said...

She is sooo super great! How tall is she, I'm wondering. The moccasins are out of this world.

AlwaysInspired said...

I think she is about 14 inches tall. I didn't think to measure her, but that is what I am guessing.