Thursday, October 7, 2010

Art Journal 5/6

Ahhhh, So full of creativity today I couldn't decide what to work on! I decided to spend a good portion of the day on an art journal spread. I had part of the background finished, but I added more layers of paint, chalk pastels, and stamps. Lots of smudging and baby wipes.

Lovely Dead spread
Art Journal 5/6
A close up of my ghostly girl. Inspired by Tam from willowing and a bit of Suzi Blu.
Ghostly Girl
Here is a close up of the quote from the poem. The poem is "A Paean" by Edgar Allen Poe. I recently read this and fell in love with the lines. I knew I had to do some sort of art and incorporate it.
In case you can't read it it says:
"How shall the burial rite be read?
The solemn song be sung?
The requiem for the loveliest dead that ever died so young?"

I'm very pleased with it. Such a wonderful way to spend a large portion of the day!


Kira said...

I love it. So creepy cool! The spiderweb stamps are just perfect. Oh and add chalk pastels to the looong list of media I want to try :)

Pretty Things said...

I agree with Kira, creepy cool!