Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Dreams Come True!

Ever since we bought our little house I've wanted a new kitchen. The kitchen cupboards that came with the house were disgusting. Painted white, none of the doors closed correctly, and the hardware was atrocious. I lived with it for 5 years and then my dreams came true! Things just fell into place money wise and time wise and we are getting a new kitchen. Granted we aren't buying new appliances, but they were new or almost new when we bought the house so that I can live with. Work is under way and we've only hit one snag so far. Our large pantry was not built correctly and is too big so another is on order. It will set us back another 3 weeks. Uhg, but I can deal. I'm getting what I wanted!
Kitchen Remodel
This is part of the work done. I'll be repainting kitchen and dinning room (which is behind me in this photo). I love my bright sunny yellow and will be getting that color again. Only 1 wall in the dinning room and 1 wall in the kitchen is yellow the others are white. I will freshen up everything with a nice new coat of paint. We will be getting a new floor as well! This pic is a bit dark as I had to use flash because it is evening here, but you get the idea. I'm on the hunt for some beautiful cupboard knobs and drawer pulls to complete the look. I'll add an updated pic in a few days with the counter tops!
This is why my crafty time is being cut a bit short, but it is so totally worth it.


Ayala Art said...

Congrats! I hoe the 3 weeks go by fast for you :o)

The Dreaming Bear said...

Hi there! Happy to find your delightful blog! Congrats on getting a new kitchen! That's great! I'm hoping for one myself in the next few I can relate to your excitement! Cheers to you!