Friday, October 15, 2010

Fish Me Under the Mistletoe

I've completed the 2nd ornament for the Trim the Tree Swap I am participating in on flickr. Another ornament for a secret partner. It is so fun to keep people guessing!
This partner expressed a love of the ocean and all things that go with it. I decided a mermaid tail stocking was super appropriate. I had to tie it in to the holidays somehow so I made a wee bit of mistletoe and suspended it from the fin. Hence the name, hey I thought it was clever. LOL
Fish Me Under the Mistletoe!
It is about 4 inches and a fully functioning stocking just like the ruby red slippers. The base is plain white muslin painted green with the sequin scales glued on. It made it wonderfully stiff and holds it open. I think the sequins will make it sparkle nicely on the tree. Tiny Mistletoe
The mistletoe was made with fake flower stamens and green floral tape. I thought it looked perfect! I added a wee red bow made from bias tape too. I'm loving how it turned out!
One more ornament to go. Of course it will be another miniature stocking. I have plans all ready for it. Maybe I'll get to it today while the hubby and father in law set up a few more cupboards!


Kira said...

YAY! Sequins in abundance are one thing that make me happy each time I see them... You made me want to create something uber sparkly!

The mistletoe hanging for the tail is such a perfect touch.

Kristin said...

LOVE!!! xo