Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Wee Book

Remember that fancy package I showed you a post or so ago? Well the wee book has arrived to its' new home so now I can share. I'm going to borrow Kira's pictures as her's are much better than the low light ones I took. Kira made me a super duper cute birds on heads themed book. Visit her blog to see it! If you don't already follow her I suggest it. Her projects always make me smile.
Here is the front cover complete with fiber dangles. I used Coptic binding for the first time ever too.
Kira made a nice little collage of all of the pages. I think it is the best way to share them. I'll go through some of the layouts. Pic 1 is the page with the moving element, when you push up on the gold tab a bird head pops out of the egg! Pic 2 is the first page of the book. I snooped on Kira's blog and found pics of her bird friends to use in the book. That is Peanut, isn't he handsome? Pic 3 has Kira's bird Kitty that passed away earlier this year on the right hand page. I wanted to include her in the book too. Pic 4 is the purple layout, my fave color!
Pic 5 is some blue eggs and a bird that I drew zetti style. Pic 6 is the magenta layout with some stamping. Pic 7 is my fave layout. The ticket is held to the page with a swirly paper clip. Pic 8 is the red layout. The little bird is a new technique using paper bag and burned glue. Pic 9 is the last page and inside cover. You can see all of the little bits that stick out in the last picture. I love adding textures and taggies to the wee books.
I'm so glad Kira likes it. She plans on hanging it on her Christmas tree and also leaving it out year around. My little book is in its' new home in my curiosity cubby! (shadow box)


Digital Misfit said...

I absolutely love it! Kira is a lucky gal (as are you, the inchie book she made you is adorable!)
Layout #1 is my fave (with the green backgrounds).
I also love the one with the ticking stripe with the ticket.
Great job!

Pretty Things said...

Absolutely stunning!

Knickertwist said...

So lovely :) You're so talented.