Sunday, October 31, 2010

WIP Sunday: Halloween Edition! (oooo spooky!)

Life has been zooming around here lately. My kitchen still isn't done, I'm working my new job, painting sets for the high schools musical performance, making Christmas gifts, taking part in the online art course on ning, and trying to be the best wife I can be! Whew! That is all a work in progress!
Christmas gift progress has been ultra slow moving. I have to get moving! I plan on finishing up the stocking I'm making hopefully today. Sounds like a great Halloween day craft, right? LOL
Here is a pic of it in progress.
Stocking Progress
I also wanted to share something fun a large group of my family and friends did last night, we carved pumpkins together. Kids and adults had a blast. It was a great way to celebrate my hubby's birthday.
Happy Halloween!

From left to right: The giant one in the back is my little sister's. Grandma grew that pumpkin for her. A goofy Frankenstein. Next is a friend's daughter's pumpkin. She did a black lab with the name Mollie (her dog). Mine is next in line. A goofy skeleton guy. A friend did the free form spooky cat type face. Next is a cocker spaniel from my Aunt in honor of her new puppy. The raised up pumpkin is my Uncle's. He did a tattoo inspired skull. Last but not least is my Hubby's free form creepy face. We already have plans to make it an event again next year since we had so much fun doing it this go around.
I hope everyone's Halloween is filled with remembrance, blessings, lots of candy, and plenty of trick or treaters! Have a great spooky filled night!


priti.lisa said...

Sounds like fun...I think Halloween Babies make great husbands...yours is the second I've read about today :)

I love your little elf stocking!

Caroline said...

Happy Halloween!