Monday, October 25, 2010

Wee Elfin Stocking

I made my final ornament for the Trim the Tree Swap on flickr. They are all for secret partners so I can't say who it is for, but they will all be in the mail sometime this week!
I decided to make a wee elfin stocking. It is approximately 4 inches tall. You can put stuff in it to your hearts content. Maybe only elf sized things though. Elf Stocking
I rusted the jingle bell myself! I found a trick awhile back on a prim site about rusting stuff. I've rusted lots of safety pins, bells, springs, and bottle caps. I use an old glass jar with a screw on lid. I eyeball all amounts so I don't have an exact recipe, but I pour in some bleach, vinegar, and salt. I add my metal stuff that I lightly sand so the rust has something to adhere to and let it sit in the sun for a few days. I occasionally go out and shake it if I remember. Then I drain the liquid out and carefully put the newly rusted stuff on a paper towel to dry. If it is nice outside I'll leave it in the sun to dry. Don't handle it a bunch because the rust will fall off when it is still wet! (Learned from experience.)
Now that I've done a few Christmas crafts it is time to go back to Halloween for the day! I'm going to go make the example for the chipboard haunted house class I'll be teaching tomorrow at the art center.


Avery said...

It turned out so cute!
And rusting things yourself? I never would have thought of that!

Knickertwist said...

So cute! I'd like to make some ornaments to give away this year so I just might swipe this...

P.S. Thanks for the rusting tip!