Sunday, October 17, 2010

WIP Sunday: Recovery Day

Last night I had an all night sewing retreat with 3 of my best friends. We ate junk food, laughed, and quilted until we dropped! I made it through the night with about 3 hours of sleep while others didn't sleep at all! We all got a ton done and had a blast doing it!

I managed to cut binding, sew it on, and start the long tedious process of hand sewing it to the quilt. This is my Mom's quilt that was her Mother's Day/Birthday gift. I'll take a ton more pictures when it is complete, as I'm pretty proud it is my first quilt!
Also with the help of one of my friends Accucut Go cutters I managed to get the strips cut for my Aunt's quilt she will be getting for Christmas! It really was fast compared to the rotary cutter and ruler. Which isn't always the most accurate thing for me to do. Each stripe is a perfect 2 1/2 inches and I can start sewing on it any time now!
We had a blast, but it has taken all day for me to recover from quilters overload! Lots going on and lots to do!

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Digital Misfit said...

Wow! It is incredible! I would never EVER have guessed that this is your first quilt. I bow to you, the master of all things crafty!