Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Art Journal Portrait!

Geesh! It is almost WIP Sunday again and I haven't blogged all week! Things have been very busy. I started my new job as security officer/hall monitor at the school this week. I'm so tired by the end of the day from walking all those miles! I should lose some weight though.
I blogged earlier about the free e course that Tam over at Willowing is offering. You can find it here:
I got the videos for week 1 downloaded and set to work last night. It was great therapy after a long day at school. I'm in love with the new pages. The first weeks assignment is a spread in the art journal. It is all centered around healing. Underneath all of those layers is some writing that is now gone for good. The portrait is supposed to be me. Not look exactly like, but symbolize me. I had a few hiccups along the way. My drawing is rusty. The eyes need work, but I'm happy with her.
Here is the whole spread. The words say "My heart is the key to my art" You can't see all of my layers in the pic, because I was losing daylight when I took it.
Here is a close up of my portrait. I didn't have the water soluble crayons so I made due with what I had and it turned out fine. I'm ordering a set of those crayons tomorrow though!
It was great fun and I can't wait until next weeks lesson!


Digital Misfit said...

Your shading is great.
I am really enjoying the e-course and I am glad that I have a good friend to do it with me :)

Sherry said...

It's fabulous! I've joined the course and have watched the first two videos. I didn't complete my portrait page as like you I didn't have the crayons. I've bought some watercolour pencils now in flesh tones so hope they will do until I get the crayons.

Your page is great, it's fun doing the background layers too isn't it.

Kristin said...

This is just beautiful! SO happy to have found you through Willowing - can't wait for more as I am now s "Follower," Kristin xo

AlwaysInspired said...

Thanks everyone! I ordered my water color crayons today! I also ordered a brayer and some gel medium! Squee!

Kira said...

Lovely... The texture is so nice, and what do you mean your drawing is "rusty"? Rusty must be a good thing.