Sunday, October 3, 2010

WIP Sunday: Place Mats

I've been working away at the first gift of many. A set of 8 place mats for my dear Mother in Law. I'm not entirely convinced she is going to like them, but man are they fun! I just can't be a blah boring fabric sort of person, so I may have went a little over board here. I decided to do 4 with polka dots and 4 with stripes. They will be backed in plain black and plain red in case she'd rather have something a bit more *ahem* conservative.
Here is the polka dot place mats. I have my blocks all ready, they just need pressed one more time before sewing together. The strips really are even, my pressing isn't great.

The striped set will look like this. Also in need of pressing.
Tomorrow I'll make a trip to the fabric store for some backing fabric. I thought I had it covered in my stash, but I guess I don't. Not sure if they will be quilted in the ditch or just left as is. They will have interfacing inside to give them just a touch of stability. I thought batting would be too thick. I am making progress!


Avery said...

I like the striped one a lot!
And you are def. making progress..
Ekk! Christmas stuff already!

Sylvie Girl said...

Love these! Your blog is so lovely.